My Pre-Packing To-Do List

I got a new haircut today, and I’m feeling much less anxiety than I did yesterday! Now that I’ve admitted that I am a little scared–now that I’ve named that feeling–I can deal with it.

I’m dealing with it by completing a checklist of things to do “Pre-Packing.” In these last few weeks before my flight, there is more motivation for me to take care of myself:

  • I don’t want to look like a slob when I arrive
  • Some things are cheaper in the USA
  • It’s fun!

It’s fun because every little thing I do is no longer just delayed gratification. When I go to the dentist, there’s the instant gratification of marking something off my “Pre-Packing” to-do list (long-term gratification: not having to drop my teeth in a glass on my nightstand every night).

And with every new item checked off my “Pre-Packing” list, I feel a little different. My teeth are sparklier. My hair is neater. My eyes are more focused. My underwear is less saggy. It’s like I’m becoming a more polished version of myself: I’m Megan 2.0.

Pre-Packing List
This list of things/accounts to do and purchase is based on my current health insurance coverage and what I’ve heard is more expensive in Spain than in the United States. This isn’t a packing list!

  • Dentist
  • Contacts — 9 months
  • Prescriptions — 9 months
  • Immunizations
  • New basic clothes/shoes
  • Haircut that will grow out nicely
  • Travel credit card
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel phone/plan
  • Kindle/account
  • New toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, contact solution)
  • New make-up

Do you think my list is complete? Am I forgetting something? What else should I take care of before I go?

2 thoughts on “My Pre-Packing To-Do List

  1. Totally agree, A new haircut and a new outfit always seems to give a better outlook on the world.

    Don’t forget to take over the counter meds for flu season. In the fb group there seems to be a consensus that our stuff works better/is cheaper.

    Almost there!


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