Get A Kindle

New auxiliars with extra spending money may be asking themselves, “Should I get an iPad or a Kindle?” Either one will take up less space and less weight in the luggage than even one book. The one, though, does everything. The other one only does one thing, but you can do it outside. This is a really tough decision. I have spent weeks thinking about it.

I made my decision. If you plan on reading sometimes/a lot, get a Kindle.

  1. A single charge of the battery lasts a full month, even if you’re reading all the time. When I play with my iPhone, the battery lasts 6-12 hours. Even with light usage, the iPad battery lasts 10 hours. That means I would either have to charge it frequently or not use it that much. I want to use it a lot, plus I’ll be traveling and not necessarily wanting to plug in an iPad and hang out at the hostel so no one steals it. +1 Kindle
  2. A Kindle is much cheaper. You just buy the Kindle and you buy whatever books you’re not already reading from the free book list or Project Gutenberg. Meh, an iPad is the same thing–but that initial investment is still 3x more expensive. +1 Kindle
  3. The Kindle is smaller than the iPad. In fact, it fits in my little purse. The iPad doesn’t, which means I won’t carry it with me everywhere, which means I won’t get to take advantage of more random reading opportunities. Plus, the Kindle is light and I can hold it in one hand and flip pages while eating, laying in bed, or sitting on the bus holding a bag of groceries. +1 Kindle
  4. I already have an iPhone. If I need access to a map, Angry Birds, the latest news, or my email, I can already do that, and it still fits in my purse. +1 Kindle
  5. I already have a laptop. If I want to watch a movie or do something on a larger-scale, I can do it. And I have a keyboard that I’m used to. +1 Kindle

I like iPads. They’re fun. They make me feel like I have magic powers. But I have an iPhone and a laptop and a Kindle, and each one is still better individually at what it’s supposed to do than an iPad is for any one of those things. It’s not that I don’t want an iPad; it’s just that I don’t need one. I’d rather not buy a $600 device that does things that I can already do,  then use that money to buy a Kindle–and a trip to Greece.


If you do get a Kindle, or if you already have one or just have a Kindle account, add me! We can lend our books to each other and follow each other to share our notes and quotations.

Totally unrelated because the internet: Brave Little Megan.


3 thoughts on “Get A Kindle

  1. My sister loves her kindle, but she’s always been one to buy books where I borrow them from friends & the library & only buy them when it’s a real deal or I’m SURE. I think all of your reasons are just right. You are taking your phone with you yes? Because you can put it on airplane mode and use it like a little computer at wifi hotspots, which is why I wanted the ipod touch to begin with, and still use skype, etc. while traveling, even if you don’t use it as a phone. Then you really would have a portable computer.

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