What’s Your Personality Type?

I think Personality Types are fun. I like to make all my friends and family take the tests, and then I like to talk about it afterward. More than actually reading about their results, I like to hear them bounce off the test and their results with their impressions. While they decide if they liked the test or if the results were accurate, they talk about what is important to them and how they work. Maybe seeing a personality laid out in words and Likert scales helps them articulate their own personalities in ways they wouldn’t have — or wouldn’t have been able to — before.

So it’s not really random that I presented the question to the facebook group for 2011-2012 Auxiliars, “What is your personality type?” I included the Myers-Briggs Personality Type and The Color Code by Dr. Hartman.

So far, I have 28 responses [Update: by the time I finished this post, I had 31], but I thought the results were interesting. There was a perfectly even split of Extroverts and Introverts [there are more Extroverts now], and a perfectly even split of Judgers and Perceivers [more Judgers]. There were slightly more Intuiters than Sensers. The most interesting thing, to me, was that there were far more Feelers than Thinkers.

For The Color Code, there was a strong representation (over half of respondents) of Blues.

Granted, this is a highly select group; (1) they are auxiliars to Spain, (2) in this particular facebook group, (3) paying attention to the group when I posted the links, (4) self-selected to actually take the tests, and (5) self-selected to actually post their results, so I won’t go making any judgments about the personality types of people in this program in general.

But I thought it was fun. Which is perfect because my Color Code was Yellow (fun-motivated).

So what about you? Can you answer these 4 questions in the comments?

  1. What’s your Myers-Briggs personality type?Β Take the test.
  2. Were your Myers-Briggs results accurate? Interpret your results.
  3. What’s your Color Code? Take the test.
  4. Were your Color Code results accurate? Interpret your results; here’s more information.
I would love to hear about your results and your impressions of them! I’ll leave my info in the comments, too.

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Personality Type?

  1. 1. INFP
    2. Very accurate! I am an ideological perfectionist about things, and if it’s not up to snuff, I tend to drop it completely. I like to know The Best way for everything, and I’m always trying to figure that out, so I tend to argue a lot, but I don’t care about being right at the start as long as we’ve reached some understanding of what’s right at the end–ideally we’ll agree on it. I love to share.
    3. Yellow
    4. Very accurate! I scored high on blue and red, too, and I think that’s true. I care a lot about people and I care a lot about leading the world to a better place, but most of all, I care about enjoying my time on Earth and remembering what makes me happy. I won’t spend too much energy trying to get along with people I don’t understand when it’s so much easier for everyone to just live and let live.

    • I think that if you look at your results and you look at mine, it really makes sense why our friendship works πŸ™‚ We have very different strengths, but I think they compliment eachother. I’m sure they’ve caused problems, too, but I think their complimentary nature is why you’ll be my old lady neighbor and we will drink lemonade on our porches while reliving the glory days.

  2. 1. ISFJ
    2. I believe it’s accurate, but this is mainly because the attributes are things that I admire and hope other people see in me. I think this is quite possibly the problem with self administered personality tests in the first place… the ISFJ is an idealized version of myself and how I hope I come across to others. It could be that I have a skewed self perception. Anyway, I do try to be nurturing and kind-hearted as much as possible, and I do realize that my strong sense of right and wrong can make me come across as rather self-righteous or snobby. Take the good with the bad, I suppose πŸ™‚
    3. Blue
    4. The color test results were similar to the Meyers-Briggs results, and I believe they accurately reflect the way I would like to be. I think some of my negative characteristics are well described, and I can’t honestly argue with any of them. Haha.

  3. 1. I don’t remember my Meyers-Briggs, but I think it was the architect one? Or maybe that was Abe… Anywho I did not want to take it again at the moment.
    2. See above,
    3. White.
    4. Mom is white too. I found this to be very depressing and boring, but unfortunately there was some truth to it. The next largest chunk was blue. I am very white I suppose, especially when it comes to how I interact with friends. I can get along with just about any personality type. Ideally I would be yellow like you because it just sounds more fun than boring old white. White isn’t a fun color in general. Boo.

  4. How do I go about taking the test? It sounds like the sort of things I used to do in college and anytime I heard of something like that.

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