So Much Love

First of all, I love First Day of School fashion. I wish I had my camera so I could show you how trendy everyone looks. Don’t judge!

Second of all, nothing.

What I came here to say is that I am going to miss Rhapsody. Combined with Instant Netflix and Hulu, I have discovered that integrated CD-ROM drives are obsolete (I owe you $5, Steve Jobs!). I use Rhapsody on a daily basis to listen to whatever music I’m too lazy to buy or illegally download, and there are no commercials, and there are —

So I was writing that paragraph, and in the back of my head I was thinking, “first you plug Fig Newmans, then the Kindle, then expensive personality testing, then Rhapsody? What are you all about, exactly?” And then I chuckled fondly and changed the subject.


I’m still in last-two-weeks-of-summer-camp mode, and all the flaws of everything I’ve gotten to know (like consumerist America) are no longer problems. They are unique, complex, and challenging parts of a greater whole, which is overall beautiful, amazing, and interesting. If only it was this easy for me to humanize my parents before I left for college! Right, Mom?

Anyway, instead of doing a new post every time I realize I will miss some object, here is a compiled list of miss-able things:

Stuff I Will Miss, Some Of Which I Can’t Put Money On

  • Americanized versions of ethnic cuisine
  • Michigan craft beer
  • the University Musical Society (they’re doing a Snow White ballet this year!)
  • Fall leaves changing color
  • Michigan apples and apple cider
  • People-watching in the Diag
  • My 14-cup food processor (love you!)
  • Free Wi-Fi basically everywhere
  • How awesome Ann Arbor is
  • How much I love the world right now
  • I love you guys

2 thoughts on “So Much Love

  1. I realize Americans do have way too much stuff…(I get irritated when people have to park outside of their garage because they have transformed the garage into yet another storage vicinity) I’m really curious to know if Spain is indeed a simpler/happier place to be. 🙂 I have always pictured Spain to be pretty basic and laid back but I have never been there. Let me know!

    • It’s just like the USA when it comes to how much stuff you have. Some people are minimalists and some people have 50 pairs of shoes. Me, I have only 5 pairs of shoes now. 🙂 But I miss some of the ones I left behind…

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