Segovia is a town 20 minutes from Sevilla by high-speed train. I had heard that it was like a fairy tale.

Three matching piggy banks stand in a row on a blue shelf.

Oink! Wrong fairy tale.

Segovia is known for its beautiful Cinderella-like castle, its large Roman aqueduct, and for generally being beautiful and well-situated. The castle is where Isabella married Ferdinand. It’s also where Bill and I visited on our first well-rested day together in Spain.

When you first exit the train, all you see are mountains and plains full of cows.

Long plains of yellow grasses speckled with black blobs of cows, lined in the distance by a rim of purple mountains, all beneath a pink and lavender sky that is layered with wispy purple clouds.

Picture this, but spotted in cows. That photo is on my other camera.

Luckily, there is a bus at the train station, and it is free this week.

The bus drops you off in the city center just in front of the aqueduct. The aqueduct is very big, and uses not a drop of mortar! The Roman civilization is the one thing that can make me do a mental jaw-drop every single time. The picture below is Bill playing amidst the humongous columns that support the aqueduct. Can you find him?

Bill peeks out between the columns of the aqueduct in Segovia.

Hi, Bill!

As you walk into the city, you may notice all the interesting textures on the walls.

The walls are textured in a white frescoed pattern.

It looks like lace.

A fresco of Death standing above its victim.

Can you see the fresco?

You will walk past a beautiful cathedral, but it is not the famous one. The famous one is a block away.

A pretty cathedral laced with arcs and columns, reaching in steps up to the sky.

A lovely Cathedral next to the main plaza.

A massive cathedral that dwarfs the one from before.

It's so big I couldn't fit it in my camera.

Soon after the Cathedral, there is a tree-lined plaza with lovely vistas off either side. It is the entrance to the palace. You’ve made it, and in just a dozen minutes’ walk!

Here are some pictures of me and Bill in front of the Alcázar:

Bill stands in front of the Torre and some turrets at the Alcázar in Segovia.

Prince William!

I stand in front of some of the turrets of the Alcazar in Segovia.

Am I a princess yet?

I would love to show you the inside of the castle and the amazing views from on top of the tower, but for that you’ll have to wait for part 2.

Now it is siesta, and I can no longer ignore the pool. It has been distracting me this whole time. So, until next time, and hasta luego!

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