Where I Live

Did I ever show you where I live? Take a look!

Here is the bathroom. I try to spend as little time in here as possible. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Orange and white tiles reminiscent of the kitchen.

The bathroom.

I spend almost no time in this room, even though it has the TV. I prefer the cozy kitchen or my bedroom. I’ll sit in here on Tuesday nights, though, to watch The Big Bang Theory with Omar.

Two couches at right angles; a small coffee table in between. Light comes in through the balcony window.

The living room. How do you like our coverlets?

The kitchen is my favorite room. I like to sit at the little table in front of the refrigerator and chat with my friends while I cook a big lunch and eat. This window is quieter than the one in my room because it faces the plaza instead of the street. The tiles are so bright and cheerful!

My kitchen, all orange and white and tiled with a light wooden floor.

This is my favorite room! This is the kitchen. The Special K is not mine. The spaghetti is, though.

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