What I Think About Graffiti

This is some of the graffiti on my morning commute when I walk past Santa Justa station on my way to the bus stop. Isn’t it spectacular?

Bulbous bodies in pink and white.

This is the first graffiti; on the other side is a giant pixelated snake that runs the entire length of the wall, crawling up the stairs.

The body language is dejected and depressed, but I like the shading, the proportions, and the different ways the fingers are executed. I like the depth created by the pretty trees in the background. I think the light gray blob on the far right looks like a fetus. Whether or not that impression is accurate probably says something about my medical expertise. Whether or not you know it’s accurate says something about yours! KA-BOOM!

A girl with a third eye sits next to a green skeleton with black wings, who sits next to a giant red apple.

She looks familiar. Where have I seen a girl with a 3rd eye before...?

Check out the lesser graffiti in the back. HOW EMBARRASSING. I guess everyone has to start somewhere. But the stuff on the left totally means something. I just don’t know what. I think it might be spiritual. A third eye. A skull. A worm in an apple? Ah, my mortality!  The most interesting element is the spray can: it has a heart on it, but a skull coming out of it, and the skull is leaking paint or blood or maybe both. Are empty spray cans the dark angels of graffiti death? Isn’t that kind of a given? Guess what? I have literally never thought about this before. But now we have both thought about it together.

A tall white man, a deer-like animal, a round, laying figure.

I can't tell what I like best: those hands, which remind me of Audrey Kawasaki; the deer, which reminds me of Princess Mononoke; the bird, which reminds of John Lennon; or the round figure on the right, which reminds me of a Goron who has just seen something horrible on the internet.

There is this (mildly erotic; consider yourself forewarned) artist, Audrey Kawasaki, who used to draw girls without upper arms, but with lower arms and hands. I imagine the tall, white figure is what those girls look like when they are wearing snuggies.

I enjoy that the deer is wearing lipstick. I love its long, thick neck and I like to imagine it in profile. It would have no distinctive head; just a face slapped on front of the stump, with ears sticking out on either side.

A young blonde with a 3rd eye stands next to a boy with a red rabbit on his lap.

Maybe this is who that girl with the 3rd eye reminds me of. In any case, the style of this piece reminds me Mark Ryden.

Mark Ryden is a painter obsessed with blood, meat, bunnies, and Abraham Lincoln, but his palette is both bright and somber like this. I have no other comments because this graffiti creeps me out.

A giant octopus eats his words.

I have no idea what it says, but the letters are more like what I expect graffiti to be. The Spanish word for octopus is 'pulpo.'

There’s more great graffiti in Sevilla, as I have already shown you, and more popping up all the time. Which reminds me that I still have to watch Exit Through The Gift Shop!

On  my home I took the 22 bus instead of the 27 and got to walk past the park; it’s a bunch of orange trees, olive trees, and flowers. See? Sevilla is a really beautiful place, even if it is a lot dirtier than Madrid!

looking up into an orange tree with bright oranges; worked with christmas lights

Ripening citrus adorned with Christmas lights.

bunch of pigeons and doves on the ground by a row of olive trees

Peace in our time: a bunch of white birds pecking at fallen olives.

lane of flower trees separated by a pool of water

La Buhaira

8 thoughts on “What I Think About Graffiti

  1. I liked this post, I had to remember to open it on WordPress to see the photos properly. I will now pay more attention to graffiti art.
    I envy those birds, with olives to eat, I can only imagine what yummy things they might be fresh off trees, or perhaps not since I do like them pickled/ marinated/ stuffed…but definitely NOT canned.
    Do you pick and eat oranges?
    thanks for the post!

    • The oranges that grow along the streets are very sour, like lemons. Everyone says that the British use them to make marmalade, but mostly they just look pretty and make a loud thud when they fall on the ground and roll across the street.

      • Lesser graffiti in the back ground? Thats what graffiti is not the stuff infront which is cool 2 but study graffiti before commenting on what looks like a pretty good dub on the bridge with out tags,throw ups n dubs, pieces and murials wouldnt exsist niether would the street art u call graffiti it all comes from tagging, good find tho, and that deer is awesome 🙂

      • Hey, I definitely have a layman’s definition of graffiti as “anything painted outside on what is probably not the painter’s property, and that doesn’t look like it was paid for,” and clearly that definition is weak since I don’t understand most of your comment. Anyway, your comment has made me more thoughtful about the different types of things I see on the street, as I didn’t know they had different names. I love looking at it, so it would be worthwhile to learn more about it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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