The Honeymoon Period

My work schedule is hectic: this year I’m teaching 5 different subjects at 6 different levels with 6 different teachers. And that’s just my day job. In the evenings, I teach 4 additional classes at 4 different language levels out of 4 different textbooks. Today, however, is a surprise day off — a side effect of never knowing my schedule until the beginning of the week — and so I have spent it singing the song in my heart that is about how much I love this city.

A food tent at the fair in the Alameda serves piles of pastries

Heaps and piles of pastries

I can tell that I am happy here because my room is clean and tidy. I have fresh fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator. Last night when I finally got home at 10:30pm after leaving the house at 9:30am, I made a fantastic dinner that took 40 minutes to prepare. Because I wasn’t tired. Because I love my life. And also maybe because I had 5 cups of black tea throughout the day, and I was starving, and I already ate all the chocolate.

I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I should, despite the new things I’ve been doing, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve seen. Here’s a short selection:

  • Walking non-stop all over Seville for 5 hours on a bum foot in order to look at rooms for rent, ultimately deciding just to stay where I was
  • The Feria del Marisco Gallego, during which I make an unconvincing vegetarian
  • The river at sunset
  • A Michael Jackson tribute at the Festival de las Naciones, the highlight being an 8-year-old’s pro moonwalk across the stage
  • My first night out on Spanish time, leaving the house at 3am and getting back at 7:30am
  • Watching people watching the Real Madrid v. Barcelona game (known as “El Clásico”) while eating some of my favorite food in Seville

And I know that I am already forgetting things. For example:

  • The best view I have seen of Sevilla from the rooftop of an apartment building where a German Vietnamese student lives
  • More stuff

So it turns out that all I’ve really taken pictures of so far are potential flats, boring flower bushes, and the new McDonald’s at the train station. So here’s the new Mcdonald’s:

Self-Service Ordering Kiosks At McDonald's

Employees Optional: Self-service Ordering Kiosks

McDonald's Macaroons

Those brilliant kiosks free an employee to help you customize a take-away box of macaroons with the colors of your choice

This weekend is a holiday weekend in honor of Christopher Columbus. Since I’m still too poor and poorly documented to leave the country, I plan to plan my vacation plans for the upcoming year. I admit I do this with reluctance. Wouldn’t my time be better spent pursuing a quality Spanish mate so we can marry and I can stay in Spain for the rest of my life? I think my colleague put it best: “But, eh. The young men here these days… they’re easy to find, but why would you want one?”

I’m almost afraid to travel. What if I love somewhere else more than I love Seville? I’m not sure my brain could handle the significance of that. I think my body would have to split apart into its billion tiny atoms and transcend Nirvana to be capable of that feeling.

But I bet that would be pretty cool.

So maybe I will share my itinerary with you in a few days, and you can help me look forward to all the exciting trips.

And here’s a boring flower bush:

Pink flowers with Instagram

This picture was so boring I didn’t even bother to post it to Instagram.


3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Period

    • Sad! That was a good article to read, though. It’s interesting how I’m going to Spain for post-grad work while Spain is sending their post-grads to other countries, too.

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