Next Year

This is the first year where I haven’t renewed my application for this program. On the one hand, my experience is better than ever. I love living in this city, I get on well with the students, and I learn a lot from my bilingual coordinator. At the same time, I am starting to feel like maybe I’m not qualified enough for other types of jobs, and that feeling scares me. I remember when I was younger and felt like I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I want to regain that feeling by giving myself bigger challenges to overcome with work that, while not less enjoyable, gives me greater freedom and responsibilities.

Of course, I don’t want to leave Madrid. I don’t have a work visa to stay without this program.

It’s complicated, and something I need to figure out within the next month or two.

I have a few options:
– Get employed by an academy
– Work illegally giving individual classes
– Get employed by a company or a restaurant
– Marry someone with European Union citizenship
– Study a Master’s degree
– Start a business

This program is finished at the end of June. It will be the end of an era for which I will be forever grateful. I don’t regret it even one little bit.


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