I am a part-time English language teaching assistant in Andalucía, Spain. I teach a variety of subjects, including natural science, music, technology, math, and English. My students range in age from 12 to 17.

In my free time I plan lessons, take pictures, and travel. I started this blog in order to help me keep in touch with friends and family back home, connect with others, share my experiences, and organize my thoughts.

About me: my favorite color is purple. I sing when I’m alone. I like jokes.

Welcome to Little Megan.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Definitely! That would be so much fun. It will be warm… I want THE WHOLE FAMILY to come for Christmas on the beach 🙂

      I just have to work on winning the lottery so I can buy you all tickets.

      In addition to that, visit any time you want!

  1. Hi, Megan,
    Your mom put me on your blog address. I am so excited with you to be able to work in Spain for a year. It’ll be wonderful to hear and see all that you do.
    Aunt Valorie

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